IMAPEngine Imprint

IMAPEngine is an IMAP email server that stores all email and mailbox data within a tdbengine database structure. Thus it provides high performance even with a huge number of email accounts, messages and folders.
All the EMails are fetched from each users personal POP3-Account and provided to him/her via the IMAP4Rev1 protocoll.

IMAPEngine is distributed under the terms of the GPL.

Use this software on your own risk. I do not take responsibility for any data loss, damage or what ever could happen when using IMAPEngine.

Compatibility table
The new IMAPEngine 0.3
IMAPEngine 0.3 has been tested successfully with the following EMail clients:

WinXP Outlook Express
WinXP / KDE Mozilla Thunderbird
KDE Evolution
WinXP TheBat!
WinXP Eudora
KDE Mozilla Mail
WinXP Mulbery
WinXP Pegasus Mail
This is just a short list of extensions/features that appeared in the new release of version 0.3:
  • ACL extension support
  • ID extension support
  • IDLE extension support
  • NAMESPACE extension support
  • UIDPLUS extension support

Download IMAPEngine 0.3b

Release date: 2005-01-25
- imapengine.0.3b.tar.gz (238.751 Bytes)

NOTE: Due to a silly bug the original 0.3 release did not work together with Mozilla Thunderbird. The bug is fixed with this package. We recommend you to get this one.
(Thanks to Maci for trying so hard)


After unpacking the archive proceed as follows:

open your console and go into the IMAPEngine directory

> cd IMAPEngine/

run the shell script in order to compile the sources. The output should look like this:

> ./
IMAPEngine 0.3 installation

Create directories needed
Compile make.mod...
make.mod successfully compiled. (time: 00:00:00.49)
Execute make.mod...
Generating tables
../database/impaccou.dat ... done
../database/impacl.dat ... done
../database/impalias.dat ... done
../database/impfolde.dat ... done
../database/impmessa.dat ... done
Compile basic modules...
easyserv.mod successfully compiled. (time: 00:00:00.09)
index.mod successfully compiled. (time: 00:00:00.04)
imapconfig.mod successfully compiled. (time: 00:00:00.04)
imapfetch.mod successfully compiled. (time: 00:00:01.32)
imapserv.mod successfully compiled. (time: 00:00:01.63) finished

Now start the IMAPEngine server by executing ./

now is the time to start the IMAPEngine - this way:

> ./
IMAPEngine Server running

You will have the IMAP service waiting an listening on tcp port 143.

In order to test if everything works as expected you should now open your email client and create a new IMAP account with the following login information:

User account = imap
User password = engine

A message is waiting for you...

To setup your own accounts  on console use the imapconfig - module by running

> ./
or even better start the web configuration utility in your favorite web browser at


There use the login name "imap" and the password "admin". This login information can (and should!) be changed in the webface.ini in programm/